b shawn cox

born in lubbock tx

lives & works in austin tx


Often based on or derived from personal or found vintage photographs, my work attempts to capture, reinterpret and share a moment in time.  Visually inspired by (in no material order) vintage images, advertising, architecture, magazines, 80’s pop music and literature.  I’m drawn to narratives, humor, cliché, irony, color texture, layered meanings and shiny things.  I use paint, plaster, clay, and various other things I find around the house or that show up from amazon or ebay.  



1991 bachelor of architecture ttu

1995 doctor of jurisprudence ttu

exhibitions & festivals

ttu college of architecture - surreal figures, duo show

panhandle plains juried show

studio 21 - exhibition 93'-'96

mfah glassell juried show ‘07, '08

m2 gallery - go figure! show

featured - myartspace.com ’09

avaa area show ’09

arthouse - austin 5x7 ’10 -’14

5X7 on the road - dallas ’10

west austin studio tour '16, '17, '18

group show - cement loop '16

east austin studio tour '16, '17

abp (solo) '17

sun valley airport group show '17-18

Brueggers Art Wall (solo) '18

Spruce Fabrics (solo) '18

Wiggy's Windows (solo) '18

Picnic Bento (solo) '18

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